Sage Words Sunday -Slartibartfast

The Bean Counter, who was on morning tea duty today, has an eclectic  collection of odd, diverse and sometimes downright dubious Life Lessons (for want of a better title). Even before the Homestead was indeed a homestead, chance, innocent comments would trigger that twinkle in his eye and, before you knew it, The Goat Herd (at eight years old) is being introduced to the concept of compounding interest (using a bag of m & ms) “because they NEED to know”. Or the desperation and despair wrecked by Thatcherism illustrated to The fledgling Renovator (who may have got a little sweeping in his teenage vitriol) via The Clash, Sex Pistols, and Brassed Off. And don’t even mention Bill Shankley to The Farmer; the one room shrine to Stamford Bridge in a home that declares itself Anfield speaks volumes for his multi-level resilience.  

Maybe it’s just a sign of the times, or possibly he’s mellowing a little with the years, but Farm Girl gets away with approaching these lectures life lessons in a way that would have been deemed irreverent in earlier years. Her indulgent smile and tolerant, almost motherly, air more often than not hides an exocet-missile, theory-imploding question on her lips. For example: to his You never wear a band’s T shirt to  their concert commandment, she pointed out his collection of football shirts (they have a dedicated drawer in his otherwise minimalist wardrobe), one of which he sported on his crusade across the Tasman to watch Liverpool Downunder. This provoked a great deal of mumbling, hurrumphing and finally a muttered comment about the difference between Art and Sport. 

But we digress from the reason we headed down the road of The Bean Counter’s life lessons: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. A comment on the bus recently prompted Farm Girl to ask (thankfully after the bus incident, which was a little messy and unfortunate) the meaning of the word paranoid.  For those who do not have a bean counter in their lives, there is a character in Douglas Adams’ book called Marvin the Paranoid Android and this tenuous excuse was why Farm Girl, The Bean Counter and The Goat Herd simply HAD to watch the movie. The rest of us went to bed because, sadly, we just don’t get it. 

Farm Girl was greatly impressed by the Bill Nighy character, Slartibartfast – and not just because of his name – so none of us were surprised to find his words being unveiled this morning.

Sunday (2).JPG

Maybe the words themselves go a long way to explaining the mellowing of our Bean Counter. Whatever. We’re all unanimous that, accompanied by a collection of science fiction programme theme tunes and Jamie Oliver’s eggy bread topped with our very own ricotta

Sunday (1).JPG

(just to prove that we are quite civilised, Mr Tootlepedal)

…if it comes to being correct or happy, we’re with Slarti.

12 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -Slartibartfast

  1. Marvin the paranoid Android is my life model. My whole moaning style is based on his and I often have a pain in my diodes all down my left side.

    I am impressed by your civilised life style no end.

    Regarding the quote, I would be very happy indeed if I could only be right just once in a lifetime but then I am a married man so need I say more?

    • When it comes to moaning role models, you really couldn’t choose better than Marvin, whose “life, don’t talk to me about life” is a Homestead standard.
      We’re very pleased to have impressed you, but beg to differ about your inability to be right; just the other day you said your flirtation with sunshine wouldn’t last!
      As for the other comment, “our lips are sealed” 🙂

  2. My husband likes to quote from Hitchhiker’s Guide whenever he can and my younger daughter has read the first book in the series. They both ‘get it’. I have never read the books or seen the recent -ish film but I did see the TV series back in the dark ages and I think I quite liked it then. I was young.
    Hats off to Farm Girl for the direct approach! She will go far.
    I also think your breakfast fare looks delicious.

  3. Yes, I remember the TV series…I started out understanding it all…and then it just kind of lost me 🙂
    The refreshments were wonderful…made all that much better by being most of our own produce. You can’t beat it!

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