Sage Words Sunday – Scary Decisions and Flowery Speech

Every time the pink chrysanthemum blooms it reminds me of my Opa.

Not that he’d be very impressed by my specimen, a descendant  of those he held in such high esteem, as it’s leggy, woody, ragged appearance is testimony to it’s haphazard tending. Basically, the flowers on the Homestead have to look after themselves. 

Today, however, it seemed fitting the words chosen by The Renovator to go with his dukkah and flatbread morning tea treat should be propped up up by the memory of one who did his fair share of propping me up when following my heart had drawn some flack.

DSCF4714[1].JPG This week we made the momentous decision to homeschool Farm Girl. There are many reasons behind our decision, all well debated, discussed and weighed up, and at the end of it feels right in our collective heart.

I’m pretty sure Opa would say something along the lines of Eleanor’s were he here. He’d probably add a growled, “jawel, for how’s it their business?” for good measure, but one thing’s for sure: there’d be no talk of hearts and feelings. While he was always there and on your side, he left the purple prose speaking to his flowers.

15 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Scary Decisions and Flowery Speech

  1. Yes! You go, Farm Girl. I know there are going to be ups and downs with this, but every homeschooler I know has overall appreciated the experience with no regrets. She’s going to be so much happier, and learn so much more, and the rest of you get to enjoy her company that much more as well. Win/win.

  2. Yep go for it guys. Think you have been on the brink of this decision for quite some time and goes without saying (I of course would never try to advise Oma how to suck an ovoid object) that although you have been there and done that and have a resident expert, anything I can help with just ask. Can’t wait to attend the next ‘school’ picnic 😄

  3. What a splendid man and what a well chosen quotation. Well done for making the decision about home-schooling, box-ticking places of education these days don’t have a place for those who don’t fit the mould, it’s the same in the UK.

  4. Best of luck with home-schooling Farm Girl. In retrospect both my daughters might have been much happier being home-schooled as they were both bullied very badly and neither got the help and support they needed from the school. Changing schools wasn’t an option so we had to try to get help for the girls from staff who weren’t interested. Schools should be good for children giving them a good variety of subjects and opportunities to interact with lots of different people. However, most schools don’t and can’t cater for (as Susan says) those that don’t fit the mould.
    Another great quote!

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