Truckin’ Into Christmas

Life here on the Homestead has been exceptionally easy (as in Summertime, and the Living is…)  this week, particularly as the Christmas countdown is at T minus ten hours. We’ve slowly plodded our way through the days, ticking item after item off the list so now the pantry is rammed full of foil covered goodies as is the fridge, everyone is still speaking to each other and, most importantly, the Homestead mood monitor remains steadfastly pointing to merry with occasional shifts into ecstatic. 


The weather, in contrast, has been all but calm. On Monday we sweltered in 30+, on Tuesday we considered lighting the fire, and yesterday we ventured out to a hospital appointment with our jackets slung over our arms. Thankfully, the jackets were not required and the hospital appointment held no untoward lightning bolts; the perfect outcome as far as everyone was concerned.

The door in the fence remains propped open throughout the daylight hours and the steady back and forth flow is a delight for all. With a backyard dedicated to food production and livestock, how else would Farm Girl discover the delights of splashing through the sprinkler? Conversely, not every suburban three year old would get the chance to assist in a goat castration; we don’t want to give the impression of a  one way street when it comes to providing life experiences! Perish the thought that the Homestead appears to not be pulling its community-spirited weight.


Then, in the midst of our millpond-like Yuletide lead-in, a stone was lobbed in the form of a  Trade Me alert. We’ve mentioned the Homestead fleet is getting a little long in the tooth. Our aged vehicles date back to a time before regular hay, and periodic livestock, transportation featured in our conveyance requirements. Long and winding debates have been held as to the future fleet configurations and the necessity of purchasing and storing a trailer when, like a beam of sunlight on a grey day, The Goat Herd crunched some numbers and a dream was born. 

Today Santa came early to the Homestead.


We hope that, where ever you are, whatever the weather, whomever is entrusted with your faith, you have a wonderful Christmas season. We thank you all for your interest, comments, camaraderie, and cheer-leading and hope Santa slips something extra special under your tree this year.

Love from Union Homestead



14 thoughts on “Truckin’ Into Christmas

  1. We are on the home stretch here on the other side of the world, not quite so mill pondish, either (nor so warm!). As I type frantic wrapping is happening in the dining room, we’ve run out of cards, but not people we wanted to give them to, and people have added things to the grocery list that I have already shopped for. I am working tomorrow morning but done at 1pm, thankfully, and perhaps then I will find a state of mill pondness at home…

    How COULD you get a truck before I did? I am so jealous! I’m kidding (sort of). t’s my own fault – I dither and waffle and prevaricate myself out of a truck every time a likely one appears on my horizon. And in the meantime, the minivan carries all I need it to 90% of the time, though I have to admit, the residue from the bales of straw is surprising difficult to remove from the carpeted interior – and I’ve stopped bothering. Your new to you truck looks great – Nissan? That type of bed is quite unusual here – you see it occasionally, but it’s usually a custom job. The cargo space in trucks here is called a box, because it has higher sides. I noticed in NZ and Oz that your type of truck is very much the norm. Certainly makes it easier to lift stuff on and off, though I guess you’ll have to tie it down sometimes.

    Running through sprinklers – a classic childhood thing. Have you tried it as an adult? I have, and it’s much colder than I remember it being as a child – shockingly cold in fact. Maybe due to the fact that I don’t run quite like I used to either :).

    Nothing like an audience for fiddly veterinary work…children always seem to be fascinated by things like that…

    Hope the weather does what you want it to on the Day – our forecast for the 25th includes a hint of snow, but I suspect we’ll get our usual wind and rain, but you never know. Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us – give those goats and chooks a treat from me, and enjoy all the feasting and family time!

    • The truck was one of those right place, right time kind of things. Yep, a Nissan as is the rest of the fleet. We’re very brand loyal.
      We stopped worrying about hay and straw in the van too. It became a habit to dust each other down on arrival.
      Love to you all from us all xxx

  2. Hi, Yes a ute seems to be a must have item for a rural property or, as in your case, an urban farm. Castlemaine is full of utes of various makes, models and ages.

    May your ute carry you and your cargo in safety.

  3. What a great early Christmas present! I hope the truck gives long and steadfast service to you all. I also hope your Christmas has been and continues to be happy. Best wishes with love, Clare ❤

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