Sage Words Sunday – Lend an Ear

Today was the turn of your scribe to host Sunday Morning Tea and I’ve known since we stumbled upon that wonderful movie, Hector and the Search for Happiness, what my quote would be.


Felicity just wishes I’d listen to her and go away from her stockpiled eggs

It is an often voiced (the other Homesteader’s eye rolling is a fair indication of how often) belief of mine that listening is a dying art. As a family whose life story can’t be condensed into a ten second sound-bite, I find it frustrating that I am often asked questions to which the answer is insignificant. In my grumpy middle-age, I have become a bit more astute; I now try to invest my precious time only with those those who want to spend time shooting the breeze. As for the rest? A smile, a hello, and keep walking.

Today, I shared the Tui Flower inspired chocolate eclairs with the six people I never tire of yakking with: my fellow Homesteaders and the lovely Princess Nikita. The Foo Fighters acoustic CD of the double album, In Your Honor, played quietly in the background as we debated, gossiped, gas-bagged and gabbed.

Sometimes we all talk at the same time, but we listen as well.  Maybe one Sunday, you lovely people might like to join us. 


13 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Lend an Ear

  1. Sunday Tea…what a fabulous idea!!!! I think I may just have to borrow that one, if you don’t mind! 🙂 And you’re completely right…Listening IS a dying art!!!

    • Please do. Some of us were a little dubious initially, but all agree it’s a very nice tradition and a great forum to sort out what’s happening in the upcoming week, air any quibbles, problems or ideas and determine where the vehicles are most required 🙂

  2. That is a wonderful quote. Not enough people bother to listen and vital information is often missed. Chocolate eclairs! My absolute favourite! I was known as Chocolatey Clare when I was little.

  3. You know already that I am most definitely not a 10 second sound byte type person :). And also that one day, if I ever muster the funds for the long flight south, I am coming to your house for tea. You don’t even have to make chocolate eclairs – I’ll settle for shooting the breeze. I don’t know, though…chocolate eclairs…

    Listening is a precious skill. My parents (at least by the time I knew them) were marvelous listeners. I would frequently arrive home from school to find someone pouring out their hearts to one or other of them, and they were like that for me too. I have striven to be that person for my kids too, but oh, it’s hard sometimes. Busy-ness can threaten listening, and sometimes the needs of the listenee just won’t wait for a less busy moment.

    Like you, I find yakking with my family more comfortable than with anyone else. We “get” each other in a way that no one else can.

    And I’m glad to note I’m not the only one experiencing grumpy moments in my middle age!

    • The chocolate eclairs WERE pretty spectacular, even if I do say so myself, and definitely would grace the table were you to pop in one day 🙂
      My grandmother was a wonderful listener too – and in a way I feel I can manage ie: she generally had to put her two cents worth in as well. I like that sort of active listening; it’s achievable for the highly opinionated … ahem…

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