Sage Words Sunday – From the Homestead Monkee

Apologies again for a late posting; we’ve been busy!


More of that at a later date because today’s post is Sage Words, and the host this week is none other than our very own birthday girl, Farm Girl. Yes, our girl turns eight today! While she was still seven, she hosted a chips and dip morning tea and unveiled her quote.


I’m not going to lie; initially we were slightly dismayed. We have more than once been accused of being overbearing, cosseting, possessive, and controlling of our fellow Homesteaders; just what was Farm Girl telling us? Tentatively, hesitantly, we inquired as to her message.

“Well, I like the song, I’d like to be able to fly like a bird, it makes me think of peaceful things…and The Monkees are cool.”

From one who was equally enamoured with this quartet of craziness well over quarter of a century ago, I could only wholeheartedly agree.

I wouldn’t mind being able to fly either.


8 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – From the Homestead Monkee

  1. Ha – my kind of girl – she combined her quote with her music – very clever. I too was a Monkees fan – Davy Jones in particular. Trivia fact – Mike Nesmith’s mum was the inventor of “White Out” or what some of us think of as liquid paper.

    Happy Birthday to Farm Girl – hope it’s a fabulous fun year of freedom for her.

    • Yes, Davy was my favourite; both The Goat Herd and FG preferred Micky. Had heard about the whole “White Out” thing…wonderful quiz “interesting fact”.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes; if there’s one kid that could figure out how to fly with the birds, it’s her 🙂

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