Sage Words Sunday – Undiluted

Advertising would have us believe the accepted way to show our love is by, on predetermined days, shelling out a heap of cash on a “special something”. As we’ve mentioned before, that’s not really the Homestead way which leans more towards the Malagasy (native of Madagascar) way of thinking.


The quote, coupled with homemade Melting Moments and Madness’s It Must Be Love (which The Bean Counter is determined to claim back from it’s unfortunate association with disposable nappies), brought a tear to at least one Homesteader’s eye.

You can keep your sparkly trinkets; we’ll opt for undiluted reality everytime.


10 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Undiluted

  1. You already have a glimmer of what a musical philistine I am, so I won’t be giving my side away by saying that Bean Counter’s lovely proverb reminds me of the lyrics of a Chris de Burgh song – Every Drop of Rain – just the chorus, not the soppy verse parts. You will be even more unsurprised to learn, given my predilection for singers like C d B, that though I was familiar (sort of, and NOT from a nappy ad – the mind boggles) with BC’s song, I had never heard of Madness. You must wonder how I manage in this world what with not watching Dr Who and having got through the ’80’s with an affinity for C d B and Bryan Adams, and not much else (can we count Abba to be 80’s?).

    • I meant to say before I hit send, that you Homesteaders have given me a boost musically speaking – at a recent BBQ I was able to remark casually to a Brit friend and his wife that I now knew (strong word for me having watched the YouTube video you provided) the lyrics to the Chelsea team song (they’re rabid fans – Londoners), which they promptly astonished the other guests by singing a cappella and with great feeling. Lovely performance and I didn’t have to hum a word of it, thankfully!

    • I always get the Chrises de Burgh and Rea mixed up, but I have now sorted out the song. I agree re the soppy verse, and also the echo of The Bean Counter’s quote sentiment in the chorus. Madness came into my life along with the Bean Counter (we wanted that song played during our wedding service but were told it was inappropriate…how young and accepting of uppity authority we were in those days).

  2. Great to see the Madness video again! I hadn’t realised until I watched it again just then that they had got Labi Siffre to join them. I love his version of the song too. Melting Moments are a weakness of mine and I think I’d rather be presented with a few of them than any more expensive present.

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