Sage Words Sunday – Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Okay, admittedly this is a day late (with apologies), but the words are still sage 🙂

DSCF4246 As we munched through The Goat Herd’s delicious Boterkoek, we also mulled over the benefits of our weekly Sage Words morning tea. Not only does the process of word selection,food preparation, and soundtrack production give us food for both thought and puku-filling,it also provides a regular chance for each of us to face personal demons head on.

The Goat Herd professes to being a terrible cook; we beg to differ and know you would too had we not fallen upon her offering with such gusto.

As for the words, there’s no wiser being than the good Doctor, in any incantation, when he choses to be; this weeks quote made us collectively grin, nod, and mumble, “yep”.


7 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Just What the Doctor Ordered!

  1. Hoper of far flung hopes – I love this phrase. It makes the possibilities seem so vast.
    True confession – I have never watched Doctor Who. I have only the vaguest idea of the show’s premise, though I can recognize the Tardis, and I know that David Tennant was the Doctor for a while, thanks to all the hoopla when he was in our local village for the filming of a US remake of the Brit show Broadchurch. That’s about it. But I’m glad to know there’s a good quote or two to come from the show.
    I’m on firmer ground with Boterkoek, which someone gives us every year for Christmas. I’m impressed if she makes a good one, and it sounds like she does :).
    I don’t consider myself to be a good cook either, frankly, but after all these years of doing it, I can turn out a decent meal now and then, and my baking seems to get scoffed down – it isn’t always pretty, or neat, or fancy, but mostly it’s edible, and really that’s what counts. I think it’s largely a matter of practice and liking the food you’re making. And letting go of perfect, quite true.

    • Even though there are those among us that find the thought of an ignorance of Doctor Who utterly shocking, we will overlook it this once as you made reference to David Tennant 🙂 I was a show that utterly terrified me as a child (and that was just the theme music) but falls into that very narrow group of things we can all watch together (once Farm Girl has gone to bed) and enjoy. It’s also jam packed full of wonderfully understated quotes and catch phrases.
      The boterkoek was utterly amazing and her first attempt (of many, we hope). I’m beginning to see it’s very seldom the pretty, neat, or fancy stuff that tastes good; I’m saying that as another well practised but presentationally challenged (that’s a phrase – right?) family cook who kissed goodbye to perfect a long time ago 🙂

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