Sage Words Sunday – Confucius says

The Bean Counter is one known for keeping things simple and to the point, not unlike the gent who this first uttered this weeks offering.

No one experienced any difficulty finding the beauty in his homemade shortbread

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it

and his “six decades of happy” soundtrack made for a very merry morning tea.


13 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Confucius says

  1. Sage words for sure. Just think what the world would be like if we all saw the same beauty. We’d all try and look the same (oh wait, some of us do that), we’d all want the same cars and houses (oh wait). How dull. Good thing there are some of who see the world through different lenses and are happy to be that way.

    Shortbread! Yum. Can’t make it – not that you’d want to eat, anyway. I buy it from the bakery at Christmas time. They make some that is dipped in chocolate at one end.

    So it’s sounding like this tradition is growing in the telling – not just wise words, but a dessert, and now – a soundtrack! I’m impressed. And grateful – because it’s our third pesto making night tonight (the basil is in the garden is bolting), and OUR tradition is to take turns playing 3 tunes of our choice, cranked high, while the other 3 are chopping, pounding, etc. I am not much of a music person, so I may just filch Bean Counters playlist and impress my family with my diverse selections.

    Speaking of which – there was a post last year about music – I think the reference was about driving with the windows down and the stereo cranked (my post or yours? Can’t remember, and I can’t find it), and your family had a couple of selections I enjoyed at the time but now can’t remember – one was an Aussie group driving somewhere in the video (I know, so helpful), one was Kiwi and some kind of rock fusion,and I don’t remember what was going on in the video. Can you remember? Because then I’d really be armed and ready for the pesto marathon…

    • I fear I may have missed getting this to you in time for the pesto marathon (that’s what you get for bragging…basil, bolting or not, is a luxury in this place – it really doesn’t like our soil). Those two bands were Midnight Oil (the Aussies) “Beds are Burning” and The Exponents I think “Why does love do this to me”.
      Must say The Bean Counter is very excited ANY tune chosen by him would impress πŸ™‚
      I hope your fellow pesto marathoners were kind to you in your musical choice and not too obnoxious in theirs πŸ™‚

      • One of them likes techno-pop and country’n’western – nuff said. We ended up not doing the marathon tonight – partly because I forgot to cut the basil, partly because people had other plans they hadn’t mentioned (this is what happens when they have their own wheels). it will be tomorrow night instead, so you were very timely – thank you!

      • Pesto marathon over for now, and it turns out that we all knew Beds are Burning (I never know the lyrics of songs, but the music was familiar). The Exponents were a hit. People shouldn’t dance while chopping basil, just saying. It gets messy. Short pesto session tonight, so our only other selector chose Piano Guys and and then Major Lazer and DJ Snake. And by the way, first time I’ve managed a basil crop that a) I picked before it totally went over, and b) grew enough of to do more than garnish a salad, and c) actually came up. We usually buy a crate of basil from a local farmer (actually we did that a couple of weeks ago, which is why my music repertoire was exhausted).

  2. Excellent quote I d say but I really hope he wears a head set when playing his happy music…especially in the garden, goats might dry up and chickens might stop producing eggs ;0) xo Johanna
    ps well…only for the first three songs !

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