Sage Words Sunday – Outside the Square

DSCF4035 To emphasise how walking alone enriches the world, The Goat Herd served her morning tea of chocolate chip layer cookie cake – invented on the spot (long story and further evidence of the benefits of not following the crowd) – with its own soundtrack. 2Cellos and Steve n Seagulls – being different ain’t that bad at all.

13 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Outside the Square

  1. Nice quote. One I live by, more or less unintentionally.
    I have to say, pairing 2 Cellos and Steve and the Seagulls makes for a diverse soundtrack :). And that dessert…we’ll have to try and recreate it here…is the quoter of the week also responsible for the treat for Sunday tea? I’ve just caught onto the correlation between new confections and the quoter each week…

    • yes the quoter of the week also supplies the comestibles and now, thanks to this last effort, a soundtrack as well.
      K now what you mean about unintentionally not following the crowd..nice to have documentation to follow it up though 🙂

  2. Dear Albert!! Always good to listen to him. He also said, ” the only thing you really need to know, is the way to the library!” Lovely photo of beautiful woman! Albert would agree, Johanna

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