Credit Where It’s Due

Some things are harder to say than others…

ICCbut here goes (deep breath):

Congratulations and well played, Australia.


To all our Australian friends: enjoy!

To all our family and friends living “over the ditch”: commiserations, it’ll be a long day.

And to Brendan and the boys


Thanks for the wild ride.

Now, another slice of humble pie, anyone…


5 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. Too bad. Maybe next time.

    Funnily enough, I was out for dinner with a couple of friends on Sunday night (at a pub), and we carefully chose the table based on having one of my friends with her back to the three TV screens showing the hockey game (not her team, but she didn’t want to be tempted). Once settled, pint in hand, I look up and the one screen that is now facing us has the AUS/NZ cricket game going. Unbelievable. At least I was able to impress my hockey mad friend with my supposed knowledge of the cricket world, given her opinion of my hockey ignorance – she clearly knows less about cricket than I do.

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