We’ve Got a Teacher in Da House!

Here it is: our Friday blog.  Apologies for it’s briefness; it’s been bashed out in a tearing rush,  between celebratory meals, and pre a very nice bottle of something that’s been chilling in anticipation.  You see, today it became official. Today the Renovator became a qualified teacher.

You’ve got to love the pomp and circumstance, the colour, the history, and sense of occasion involved in the process of graduating university. 

The Renovator receives the paperwork from The Chancellor of the University of Canterbury. The resultant grin being displayed for all on the big screen speaks for itself (and causes a teensy handkerchief fluttering moment up in the cheap seats)

So, we’re running now; please excuse us.  You see, we’ve got a little pool of proudness to bask in.  

The Renovator Grad





13 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Teacher in Da House!

  1. OH! Congratulations to the Renovator! Out the other end of the tunnel at last, and the piece of paper to prove it. All that hard work deserves a lot of celebrating. And some lucky elementary school is getting a new teacher very soon!

    • Thankfully he is able to bask unashamedly for a while as he’s got next year sorted job-wise. No doubt the nerves will appear soon regarding being in charge of his very own flock of 7-9 year olds next year, but for the moment he is spending a lot of time snoozing 🙂 Luckily I remember this from The Goat Herd who alarmed us hugely by nodding off several times mid sentence in the week after graduation.

      • It is a huge relief to be DONE I’m sure. I was trying to remember what it felt like, but to tell the truth, it’s too long ago. I certainly don’t remember being sleepy – I was at sea almost immediately finishing my last exam, as I’d been in the Naval Reserve all through University. I think I just felt like I’d moved onto the next stage in life.

        As to the flock – what a great age group. Old enough to manage zippers and bathrooms by themselves and young enough to still enjoy learning. And mostly fairly biddable still too. He can practice on Farm Girl…

  2. Congratulations to the Renovator, I was a teacher for 40 years on and off and thoroughly enjoyed it most of the time. It’s a worthwhile career particularly if you come across children who are on your wavelength.

  3. Congratulations, how wonderful!!! Again another fine young example of Today’s Youth ready to enter his career…a little pool of proudness you say? I’d say make that into a firm pond! And you remembered well that indeed this is such a moment for fluttering handkerchiefs!!!( moms united!) Well that is going to be a lot a partying this weekend before this dashing young fellow will make a school and many children very happy, enjoy!!! Johanna
    ps couldn’t help but noticing that both our young men are tall, bearded, glass wearing dashing fellows!

    • Yep, he scrubs up pretty well 🙂
      I think we are now pretty much partied out and the animal Homestead inhabitants are now demanding a little more attention than having their feed chucked at them as we dash off to another festivity 🙂
      Hope you’re weekend’s going well!

    • The perfect articulation of our dream for him! He’s managed to secure a position in a school about 5km from here (perfect as far as we’re concerned, as we still have children who like to stand at the front gate yelling for him from when he undertook a placement at the local school three years ago) teaching year 4 (7-9 year olds). A good a place to start as any 🙂

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