Our Lady of Spain and Some Other Chicks

The Kingdom of Nova has a calendar studded with annual celebrations: the school picnic, the sleepover, camp, and an annual musical offering to name but a few. But the Homestead favourite by far is International Day.  

On this day each year the entire school focuses on how different we all are, while still being the same the world over. Everyone dresses in approximations of a chosen country’s national dress (apologies to any readers from these countries – our intention is pure even if the results, generally a result of late night panic, miss the mark ever so slightly), shares food associated with their chosen county, and uncovers a little of the language, customs and geography. 

This year, Farm Girl caused a last minute kerfuffle by undertaking quite a growth spurt in the last month or so making her a rather leggy lady of Spain…

2014-12-09 08.20.40
…but it was nothing that gym shorts under her costume couldn’t fix

Much love, hugs, and a hearty muchas gracias  to The Spanish Branch –  and especially cousin Aimee – for this, and many of the other outfits currently being modelled by our very own Farm Girl.

As if all this excitement wasn’t enough, this morning it became apparent our resident lady in waiting, Miss Quilla, has finally become a Mum. No one is quite brave enough (parenthood has not improved her disposition) to investigate just how many chicks are sharing the nest, but at least six feathery bundles have been identified. 

2014-12-09 09.30.51

And so another adventure begins on the Homestead; that of raising our own meat birds. Are we up to it? Your guess is as good as ours; who knows where we’ll be on this journey of ours when the next International Day rolls around.

UH xmas

7 thoughts on “Our Lady of Spain and Some Other Chicks

  1. Bonita chica! She really looks the part, I must say. And congrats on the chicks. If mama is fierce, that bodes well for their survival, at least that’s how it’s worked out for me in years past. Maybe they’ll all be pullets…

    • At the moment we are leaving it all up to Quilla – she seems to be pretty sure about what she’s doing and is way to scary to get close to. We did don the oven gloves this morning to move her and then her chicks to an other enclosure not a metre up in the air but only after wringing our hands for about 30 minutes as to whether this was the right thing to do. Only once did we voice what we were both thinking…this would be much easier if sailorssmallfarm was nearby 🙂

  2. Caramba, Farm Girl looks like Miss Spain, so beautiful. And just let keep on growing girl…long legs are always in fashion! And ahw..little chick with fierce full looking mom.
    I hope I do not sound cruel..but home grown chicken taste so good! And are so much nicer to cook with. Seems like an excellent adventure to me!

    • You don’t sound cruel at all….just very realistic. As I type Farm Girl is nursing chick number seven, wrapped in an old merino sweater, and cheeping much too loudly for the cats liking. Quilla decided that a chick half in and half out of the egg was just a little too much work when she already had six running in different directions needing her attention. Right now I’m wondering whether this will be a happy outcome or another lesson in the great circle of life…never a dull moment on the Homestead 🙂

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