Skiving Off

What’s the point of living a block from the ocean if you never get to see it?

Well, that’s how we justified the lack of productivity on the Homestead today.  Instead of the weeding, hoof trimming, seedling planting and garage cleaning we had on our Saturday list we decided, “what the hey?” and headed for the beach.  

2014-11-22 11.54.37
Farm Girl beach-combing in the distance. Just look at that sky!

Of course, it wasn’t long before the bright lights of New Brighton beckoned.

2014-11-22 12.02.30
We swear there were lots more people doing the same as us, but in this photo it looks like we have the place to ourselves.

Away from the beach it was hot; in fact Farm Girl could only manage a scant five minutes on the bouncy castle before it became too much for her and she opted to join the rest of us perusing the market.

2014-11-22 12.17.53

After picking up a couple of bargains (love that $1 clothes rack!), we decided we’d worked hard enough and retired to the garden bar at Pierside for refreshments.


Where Farm Girl watched the bouncy castle being deflated before it cooked any more children.


After a more meandering wander back up the beach of which no photographic evidence exists on account of a spirited splash battle, we had just enough time to milk and feed out before a southerly front blew in putting an end to any guilt induced gardening.

2014-11-22 18.38.34
A drop of 11 degrees Celsius in ten minutes.

Happy Saturday to you all from our happy band of idling skivers. Hope you all get a chance to take some time out, too.




5 thoughts on “Skiving Off

  1. The date line is such a funny thing – I wake up Sat am and see your post, you’ve already done your Saturday. And looks like you did it in style. Good thing I don’t live as close as that to the beach, I’d never get anything done at home. And such a beach – all that sand. Good old giant Pacific pounding away. We’re on the Pacific too, of course, but on the East coast of Vancouver Island, so we get the water without the weather, so to speak, which also means less sand, and more pebble and rock.

    • Here is where I admit to an appalling lack of geographical knowledge, but I have spent a good deal of time today sussing out Vancouver Island so that the whole “East coast/water without weather” thing makes utter sense to me now. It looks like an awesome place to be situated…in the thick of things, but not too much!
      The weird thing about having the beach so close by is that, although we fall asleep to the sound of it each night, and can smell the salt, and hear the gulls and all that, shamefully a week can go by without me even clapping eyes on it. It’s that whole stopping and smelling the roses thing; sometimes you have the make the effort to stop and feel the sand between your toes…how poetic is that?!

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