A Greased Lightning-ly Fast Post


Happy 24th birthday to The Goat Herd, celebrated in customary fashion with breakfast at Crema:



and a wander around the New Brighton Seaside Market, swollen in size by the inclusion of a Vintage Market and Rockabilly Show and Shine Car Show where research was undertaken on a new Homestead Mobile.


Too flashy


Too sedate


Where would we find a suitable parking space?

 And then we saw it, sparkling enticingly in the noon day sun. With enough power to pull the goat trailer, enough seats to accommodate every last one of us, and style…don’t even go there!  So without further ado….

Waddaya reckon?!

No, you’re right, we’d never be able to reconcile our greenie selves with the amount of fuel this beastie would guzzle just backing out of the Homestead gates.  Speaking of which, we’re running out the door now, all greased up for the Rockabilly Ball and a tad concerned about our lack of co ordination.  

We hope your weekend has just the right balance of sensible, silly, celebration , run of the mill, ridiculous and  grown up…kind of like that big red bus!

7 thoughts on “A Greased Lightning-ly Fast Post

  1. Happy Birthday to the Goat Herd. You’ve certainly had a run on birthdays among your lot. I think, like Colorpencil, that the red one would have been big enough not to need a trailer – that’s economizing! Have a great weekend!

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