Homestead Kitchen – It’s a Kind of Quiche

Every home needs a recipe capable of turning fridge scrapings into something worthy of gracing the dinner table.

You know – fridge scrapings? Of course you do! It’s the official term, at least here on the Homestead,  for all those leftover bits and pieces that get stashed in the fridge after each meal; the coffee cup half full of gravy, a pudding bowl of steamed carrots, the salad too limp to revisit the dining table,  and the “bagsed” chicken drumstick forgotten when replenishing the midday repast receptacle all fall into that illustrious category.  

But before we go any further, we don’t for a moment want to give the impression that we are super organised in the amassing or employment of the delicacies jostling for position in the plethora of containers on our fridge shelves at any given time. Truly, we’d love to but that would be lying.  In our defense, life is very busy but the shameful truth is that sometimes we simply lose the culinary plot and, alerted to our ineptitude by the rank backdraft as refridgerator door closes, very quietly gather up the moldering contents of half the crockery cupboard and shuffle out to the compost bin.  But sometimes we are whirlwinds of efficiency.  This recipe is for those wonderful times when we have all our ducks in a row, our stars align, we hit the ground running and fortune whispers in our ear: “Don’t forget the sausages left over from last night’s barbecue.” 

Kinda Quiche1

In other words:

Make a batter
Make a batter
Scrape out the fridge
Scrape out the fridge
Add some fresh
Add some fresh
Farm Girl adds the cheese
Farm Girl adds the cheese
We like it with rustic coleslaw
We like it with rustic coleslaw

I’ve given you both versions so that you can make your own mind up.  You may think of some kind of tweak, some devilishly clever secret ingredient we have not even contemplated.  

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

2013-12-09 12.45.20


9 thoughts on “Homestead Kitchen – It’s a Kind of Quiche

  1. Definitely giving this a go. I make a frittata (based off a Jamie Oliver recipe) that is similar, but it’s definitely more quiche-like than this. This also uses way more gubbins than my frittata would handle, which considering how many little containers of a few spoonfuls of this and that there are in my fridge, would be a good thing. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Hope it works as well for you guys. It’s one of the few things I put on the table to unanimous cries of delight – ironic really when it’s chock-full of the stuff they shunned in its first incarnation. Incidentally, Jamie is another Homestead Hero. We have a lot in common 🙂

  2. Impossible Pie with leftovers! Genius!
    Hey, didja know that you can make this sweet too? Yep, sweet quiche. it’s not bad I must say. Subs out the savouries, add a little sugar and chuck in sweet bits. It’s almost a baked custard but not quite. Not that sweet leftovers last very long in our house so don’t reckon I could incorporate that in any way but still, just another awesome use for the humble chook pellet. 😉

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