Time and Place

Weather boffins are a contrary bunch and the two trusted by the Homestead, accessed via the internet,  seldom see eye to eye.

It’s a situation that’s great for a broad-picture approach, and one allowing us to indulge in a little amateur forecasting of our own in a very hit-and-miss kind of way.  That our two trusted sources and our own form of weather voodoo, the newly installed Homestead barometer, are currently all holding hands and nodding furiously in agreement (we’re talking figuratively, here) makes us take the prediction of a polar blast including sleety showers and even mention of the dreaded “s word”, pretty seriously. Hunkering down in front of the woodburner is only enjoyable if you know the menagerie is well prepared for. A trip to our friends at Burwood Produce was undertaken in the interest of conscience easement, and a couple of bales of straw were secured to top up the goats bedding.  Our thoughts were to utilise a bale per goat shelter; we wanted it to be super snug in there just in case the babies,which we know they are incubating (truly), decide to make their debut mid-flurry.  

2014-07-16 15.25.10
We may have miscalculated a little, but Leia isn’t complaining. It’s toasty warm in there!

Out in The Meadow, the birds are a happy bunch with a uber-cosy house for those feeling the cold, but we currently have another bunch of newcomers in chicken quarantine which, although dry, is to all intents and purposes, open.  A few of armfuls of straw had our newcomers  impressed enough to present us with a couple of eggs.

Introducing Jolene (L), Ida (white), Kiki (black) and the three Nikkis; five more days seclusion before they join the flock.
Introducing Jolene (L), Ida (white), Kiki (black) and the three Nikkis; five more days seclusion before they join the flock.

With the animals set for whatever Mother Nature hurls at us, we were free to indulge in those activities befitting the final week of school holidays.

The addition of Miss Minter’s helping hands made housework day (once we’d witnessed the FIFA World Cup being decided – big ups to Germany, but sadly the Smart Arse Award remains off-Homestead) a breeze. and the woodburner (always this fine ladies pet project) was scoured, de-cobwebbed, buffed and burnished until it gleamed.   

Then Farm Girl had an engagement to attend superhero training with Christchurch's very own superhero, Flatman.
Then Farm Girl had an engagement to attend superhero training with Christchurch’s very own superhero, Flatman. Bouncy castles everywhere and a great feeling as befitting the motto Be a bruv – share the luv


Alongside a playdate and a visit from her cousins, an afternoon at the theatre was also scheduled.  These holidays we were spoilt for choice, but Farm Girl opted for The Court Theatre’s production of The Emperor’s New Clothes – not only because it came with the warning, this show features horrible underwear.  In short it was wonderful; lots of slapstick, “he’s behind you”-ing, topical gags for the adults, and even tongue-in-cheek beat poetry complete with bongos.  Who could ask for more?  

Actually, the lady beside us for one, who spent the entire play (forty-five minutes tops) “facebooking”.  

Which leads us, in a rambling, meandering kind of way, to the purpose of this weeks blog: social media.  

It’s something that the Homestead loves.  We use it to check out the weather, identify plant species, advise on odd goat behaviour, and inspire new projects.  Through it, we release this blog; we facebook, we pintrest, one of us even instagrams. 

But people, people, people…Time and Place!

It seems to us that folk are often so busy posting how wonderful a time they are having at *checked in place (insert photographic evidence) that they’re missing the fun.  Farm Girl and The Milk Maid observed a young Spiderman having to recreate his descent down the bouncy slide three times before his captured image radiated the appropriate level of pleasure required.  As a family, we recently sat in a cafe (there’s a shock – NOT) beside a family who uttered not a word to each other, so intent were they on whatever was happening on their smartphone screens.  No doubt they had checked in and told all their “friends” what a wonderful time they were having.

It just didn’t look like that from where we were sitting.  

Okay, rant over.  After much discussion, we’ve decided it just comes down to whatever makes you happy.  For us, it’s often having so much fun that we forget to photograph it. Could it be, in the eyes of social media, we lead a miserable existence?  

Now THERE’S a knee-slapper!

2014-01-17 16.41.57

8 thoughts on “Time and Place

  1. I am so with you on the social media thing. I do quite a bit of FB and blogging stuff – but at home, on the big ole PC, with a cup of tea. Not when I’m in the bosom of my family, or out in the public world. I’ve seen people texting during theatre performances too. Really? It can’t wait for intermission?
    Love Farmgirl’s costume. And Flatman. What a cool superhero. My library just had a visit from Heroes Inc last week – Wonderwoman, Batman and Spiderman came and hung out for half an hour, just connecting with the kids, doing a story time and of course lots of photo ops. Heroes Inc aren’t quite like Flatman, but their work is volunteer – they can be booked by any charity or non-profit to aid in fundraising. Their presence (surprise) tends to be a draw…

    • Thanks for the comment and like. From a quick peek at your blog, it looks like we have more than our bewilderment at the use of social media and admiration for voluntary superheroes in common.:)

  2. Indeed I think we do have some common ground :). I was in Christchurch in March, by the way. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in. We were staying in the Novotel downtown, and I must say the downtown core was a shock, even though I’d followed the news closely back in 2011. We live on the edge of an active plate too, and fully expect something like that to happen here too one day. Seeing Christchurch made me realize how much we’re not ready, if one every really can be…

  3. Thanks for your kind words about our city. I’m pretty sure you can’t ever properly prepare for what happened here, but it always pays to be as ready as you can be…my top tip: always sleep with a torch and some form of footwear by your bed. When all the lights go out, it’s really really dark and glass and crockery can spread a surprisingly long way.

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