At Christmastime

We’ve spent the last week with our throttle cranked to “Full Social”; Pretty standard for this point of the year, we know. Less standard, when you take a peek at social media, is our inability to remember to put down the coffee cup/glass/knife and/or fork for a moment and actually photograph the moment for y’all. Please accept our apologies and let our words paint you a picture – along with a few nostalgic images.

The week started with us taking our normal Monday night Godfamily Gathering off-campus; To a restaurant no less, because Christmas comes but once a year. Awesome company, awesome food, and an over-enthusiastic, youthful, Liverpool-supporting waiter who was torn between Celtic and Rangers, the game playing on the bar TV. Stevie G or social similarity, he agonised. We came down on the side of Stevie, but he was right to doubt us. We have been sharing meals, laughs, and wild, long-winded stories with this couple for longer than any of us care to remember. Long may it last.

The Happy Couple with their fledgling Goat Herd God-daughter, being supported by The Bean Counter because she STILL wasn’t walking, despite the harassment of her Matron of Honour mother

Tuesday was The Bean Counter’s birthday. Fifty-mumble times round the sun, two birthday cakes, five renditions of The Song (including one at 12.01 am by The Goat Herd and Farm Girl), breakfast out, Indian takeouts in, and, two days later, a Fish and Chip lunch supplied by the wonderful J-Wawas (who never turn up empty-handed, even though their beautiful presence is present enough) – and not one photograph to show you. Think lots of noise, a slightly bashful but grinning Bean Counter, and over-full tummies and you’ve pretty much got it.

The Bean Counter cutting another cake: His 21st.

Currently we have two of the Dover Division, one sporting an engagement ring and the other with their significant other in tow, visiting our shores and Wednesday saw them partaking in a little Homestead Hospitality. Ladies Johanna and Anje, it was just so wonderful to see you again – all growed up n all – and Lord Scott: it was lovely to meet you. Y’all welcome back anytime; We promise both Homestead salami and caramel slice will be on the non-vegan menu!

The Cousins 2002: Miss Molly, Ladies Anje and Johanna, Master Luc (in his mother’s arms), The Goat Herd and The Farmer;
Before they all growed up.

We’ve already mentioned the J-Wawa’s visit but such fun can never be overstated. A camera was actually picked up and aimed at the no-holds-barred, kids v The Farmer football match on the lawn…but then someone said something, the conversation took another turn, and the match remains undocumented. This is now a Thursday tradition, either on the Homestead or across the gorge at Castle J, and one which has many echoes

and is treasured all the more for that.

Friday was spent at a Corporate bbq, but one with a difference. Usually the mandatory “Work Christmas Do” is a painful experience for us Homesteaders; We’re not comfortable with the drink big, humiliate yourself mindset these occasions seem to promote. Friday was more a family meets family event where the Homestead travelled across the train tracks to the other side of Darfield to spend time getting to know the folk The Goat Herd spends her workday with. More on that next blog, but suffice to say it hands-down beat an evening making sure Sandra from Accounts put down the bottle of “Cab Sav” before she wakes up realising she needed to look for another job come Monday.

Which brings us to last night and the annual Hi De Hi Christmas Bash at the Kingdom of Melton (West). Maybe it’s because this was actually our home for a couple of months or perhaps it’s just because the Royal Family are wonderful hosts.

Princess Zoe guards the fort, Camp Hi De Hi, March 2018

Either way, a raucous night of snorting laughter, terrible stories, playful banter, and gentle character assassination (how’s that for oxymoron) all to a backing track of the Live Aid Concert (on VCR), was had by all.

The Way We Were, 1996

Here on the Homestead, It’s Christmastime.

14 thoughts on “At Christmastime

  1. I am exhausted just reading about this whirlwind week of festivity. Also, all the deliciousness! I would quite possibly have indigestion after all that birthday week eating, but it would be sooo worth it. And can I just say – wearing Superman garb for one’s 21st was an inspired sartorial choice? Should be a family tradition if it isn’t already :). Love seeing all the pictures of way back when – 2002 seems just a blink ago. In 2002, my two were 4 and 7 but my youngest looked remarkably like the child on the trike when she was 2ish. Happy Birthday to the Beancounter, glad he was feted as he no doubt deserves.

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