Surrounded by Jetsetters

Right now there is a large amount of jet-setting and general gadding about happening around the Homestead, but sadly none of it involving any of us.

Yesterday, Miss Jacq Dee (her of the singing fame), departed for far-flung shores (well, Canada to be exact) as part of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Choir. The choir has been invited to guest at the International Choral Kathaumixw and we are all basking in the glow of very-few-degrees-of-separation to such honour and glorious noise. To our friends at Sailors Small Farm, ย you may catch a hint of kiwi twang if you open your windows wide in early July; to Miss Jacq: we know you’ll knock ’em for six.

photo courtesy NZ Choral Federation website

Mrs Dee herself boards a silver bird for a very well deserved and overdue jaunt tomorrow, effectively Brentering the land of the Brexit. Although we will miss her (the one person we could laugh along with, over the last couple of months), the promise of toblerone has gone a long way to easing our pain. Have a blast, K, you earned it and then some.

On Sunday, Uncle Steve once again jets homeward after a fortnight’s flying visit to see Grandad settled into his new home at the other end of the Thorrington corridor. Usually visits of such magnitude involve long, dallying meals out and raucous family get-togethers. This one is a little different but it has still been wonderful to catch up with him and his suitcase is chock-full of Homestead love to share around the clan that remained behind.


Moony Geraldine

Even the goats are planning a break away. Steve the Vet visited yesterday to give them the once-over and test them for CAE. If the results come back clear (fingers and hooves crossed), the ladies Leia and Geraldine will be off to the farm for a romantic dalliance with Bachelors One and/or Two, resulting in the patter of tiny hooves around Yuletide. A little late, but not too late according to Sage Steve the Vet.


Here at the Homestead, we’re happy to keep the home fires burning and soldier on but be warned, you travellers: ย all the while you are basking in summer, those visions of toblerone are boogie-ing fit to bust in the Homestead collective conscious.

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10 thoughts on “Surrounded by Jetsetters

  1. I had to google the choir festival, which I’ve never heard of (I’m not much of a music buff, as you may have realized by now) – but it’s geographically actually fairly close to me, although in reality it would take about three hours driving plus two ferries to actually get there. However, it’s a lovely spot, amazing scenery and a great place to experience West Coast living. Hope her festival goes well – it looks fun.

    Mmm Toblerone – we’re fond of them here too – they’re a staple in Christmas stockings each year.

    Fingers crossed for the goats.

    • Yes Christmas means toblerone here too๐Ÿ˜Š The vet was very positive about the ladies so here’s hoping.
      I mentioned Jacq’s choir in the same way people, on finding you’re from NZ when you’re travelling, ask if you know their next door neighbour’s son who now lives in Turangi. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • I just found out yesterday that Miss Jacq’s choir is going to be just down the road from me on the 14th – and I can’t make it to the concert ๐Ÿ˜ฆ due to another commitment. But she will be singing in a small church about 2km from my home – St Mary’s Saanichton. The community was papered with posters this past week, so that even I couldn’t miss it! Hopefully a good turnout will provide an enthusiastic audience for their efforts. We’ve had wet weather the last few days despite supposedly being in high summer, but hopefully that won’t have damped their spirit, and they are enjoying their trip to this side of the world.

  2. MMMMM, Toblerone – the dark chocolate version is my favourite. Perhaps you are planning some afternoon teas when the travellers return home – an opportunity to hear of their adventures.

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