Sage Words – Precious Little Things

The extended family received a bit of a shock yesterday. For a while, we all floundered around rudderless and scared. But Nana, trooper that she is, bounced back and we’re all better, too. 


All it took was a hug; solid proof that the little things are infinitely more important. 

The Renovator’s Sticky Date Pudding is also worth a mention!

9 thoughts on “Sage Words – Precious Little Things

  1. I was wondering about you all….hugs nearly always help in my experience, and yes, I agree, the little things do matter. Sometimes that’s all we can control. Virtual hugs being sent your way…

  2. I am glad all is well with you again. I thought I hadn’t seen much of you lately. This Sherlock Holmes seems to be a clever chap! The small things are the most important things of all!

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