Sage Words -A Moment

It was The Bean Counter’s turn to play mine host this week. Always thrifty, the Honey Joys he served up were both delicious and a very effective way to use up a goodly dollop of the truckload of cornflakes we bought (it was on special!) in preparation for Nana’s stay. Always the lady, Nana quickly exercised her prerogative, resulting in the cornflakes option being removed from the breakfast menu. We Homesteaders are porridge folk but this way went a long way to reducing the cereal mountain (it really was a very good special!) and no one’ s going to complain about another round – or two…ish -of honey joys.

The words were chosen with his Mum in mind, too,


because Nana has entered into her new life at Thorrington Village with courage, grace and a joyous heap of Carpe Deim. She takes part in the exercise classes, has a seat reserved for the weekly jaunt in the Village Minivan, and  raves about the entertainers they manage to book; every visit she has news to impart of another adventure. While absolutely delighted (and plenty relieved) by this happy turn of events, we on the sideline couldn’t help ourselves wondering just how long this could last.

Then on Thursday evening, The Bean Counter toddled off for some mother-son time. 

“So, what did you get up to today?” he asked expectantly.

“Oh, not much,” she replied with a smile, “I had my hair done (pause to show off her new ‘do), had beef stew and ice cream for lunch – not together, of course (another pause for hilarity), and after lunch I lay on my bed and watched the tree.”

Clunk! The Bean Counter’s heart sunk.  “You watched the tree?”


Looking out Nana’s window

But this was not the hammer blow of depression-induced isolation. Instead, Nana, a bit puffed out from hair dresser small talk and the social whirl that is the dining room, had snuggled down under her mohair throw for a bit of post-lunch shut eye when the maple outside her window caught her attention. It’s remaining bright yellow leaves were fluttering in the autumnal breeze “just like washing on the line” and Nana spent the afternoon watching the wind bring the washing in. Her poetic musing  full of pirouetting, leaping, twirling and waltzing (Nana was quite the dancer in her day) was somewhat lost on The Bean Counter but the delight she’d taken in the show outside her window wasn’t.

Rather than wasting time, Nana was simply happy in the moment.

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11 thoughts on “Sage Words -A Moment

  1. Lovely example of living in the moment. Sounds so peaceful and calm.
    I haven’t bought Cornflakes in…oh…decades – we’re not cold cereal people, I did buy my share of Rice Krispies over the years of the girls growing up – those marshmallow krispie squares. I also used them for an Earth Day craft in Brownies once – the idea was to make the gooey krispie mixture, divide into two batches, dye one green, one blue and then artistically use your buttered hands to create little planet earths. It looked good in the magazine, but reality was a different matter, especially in the hands of 7 yr olds. I wonder what cornflakes look like when they’re dyed blue and green and mushed together?

    • I’m not brave enough to find out! I wonder whom these people are in the magazines and on pintrest who manage to cajole their children into creating such masterpieces. Mine were always too stubborn to stick to the plan…and I was always glad that they were 🙂

    • It has been a great relief for all concerned – both the wonderful frame of mind Nana has approached her move with and the gradual reduction of the bargain cornflake mountain.

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