Sage Words Sunday -Warming Mum’s Heart

Today it was the The Farmer and Princess Nikita’s turn to host Sunday Morning Tea; an event this dynamic duo ensure is never run of the mill. 

The soundtrack was courtesy of Kingsman, a movie the two of them have recently enjoyed (much to the princesses surprise). The pikelets were served with nutella and/or The Princesses home-made  raspberry and chocolate jam to accompany the whipped cream.

The Words? 


“Being a Man is a Matter of Age; Being a Gentleman is a Matter of Choice”

Happy Sunday from the Homestead Gents; despite the farm clothes, living proof the age of chivalry is not dead.

14 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -Warming Mum’s Heart

  1. Lovely picture, you’ll have to keep that one – goodness knows when you’ll get them all in such a sunny moment again.
    Great quote. What exactly is Renovator holding? I thought at first maybe Tostitos on sticks…not much of a movie watcher, I actually got through whole chunks of Kingsman and enjoyed it too – lured by the knowledge that it had Michael Caine. Pikelets are clearly what we call pancakes (I’ve always wondered), which are usually a bit larger,and mostly served for breakfast. I would go with the chocolate raspberry jam, – I’ve never heard of it but it sounds wonderful – and skip the whipped cream.

  2. A great photo of your gentlemen and a great quote too. I like pikelets (that is if we are talking about thin crumpets!? Or are they what I would call drop scones/Scotch pancakes?! – I like those too :D) There is so much confusion over names for foods isn’t there?

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