Sage Words Sunday -May the Force etc etc

First things first: I don’t get Star Wars. Yes, I know this is a terrible affliction and one that has been subjected to more than one bout of attitude rehab by each and every Homesteader over the years, but sadly I always end up a grave disappointment to them. And I really would like to get it; I’d love to get excited by the endless battle scenes and odd looking characters, the perspectively-challenged vehicles and long, long, long and not so winding plot-lines, and the special effects – sorry, my eyes glazed over for a moment.

As was bound to happen, Farm Girl has now discovered The Force and I am trying, as I have four time before, to follow that never-ending string of movies. I find knitting helps. Β Gee thanks, Sky TV, for launching a Star Wars Pop-Up Channel in honour of the latest instalment hitting the cinema.Β 

However, Farm Girl always manages to open my eyes and melt my heart and this weeks Sage Words, courtesy of Yoda, did just that.Β 


These words hit a nerve as we had recently had a good old round table discussion on the phrase, “I’ll try” and how it is generally used as a polite way of saying, “Nope”. We vowed from that moment onwards to own our intentions, tell it like it is, go hard or go home. Trust Yoda to hit the nail on the head and Farm Girl to pick up his gem from the seemingly (to me at least) endless waffle and whining.

We’ve only got one more movie to go now – that’s tonight’s viewing sorted – and then we’re all caught up. I really wish it was strong in this one, but somehow the force passed me by.


15 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -May the Force etc etc

  1. Haha…my husband just asked me this evening if I’d like to go see the movie that’s just come out…and I had to remind him that I got bored in the last one we watched together – which I referred to as “the third one – Empire Strikes Back” – but it turns out that is the second one. So according to him, the last one I saw was Revenge of the Sith, and I have no idea what number that is in the series because when what I think of as the “new” ones came out, I got very confused. I just remember being bored and completely lost in whatever plot there was in whichever number we went to see.. I did like Yoda though (was he in the second episode? of the second/first trilogy?). Good pick on FG’s part – but what did she choose to go with morning tea?

    So. You teach me to knit, and we’ll get through this. You know there are Star Wars knitting patterns out there, right? Check out the Yoda tea cosy…but don’t make me one, please πŸ™‚

  2. I’m with you on this… having been around for the originals, I have never got them. Fortunately, Mr Snail doesn’t seem particularly bothered either so I don’t have them forced (haha) on me. The other series I don’t get is James Bond, but in this I am lucky… my sister is a fan, so she and Mr Snail and a niece went to the cinema to see this and left me at home – phew! Knitting has, however, seen me through many a dull film/lecture/meeting… at least it means I get a tangible output.

  3. I must try knitting…..sorry…..I must do knitting……no I don’t think that that is likely. I won’t do knitting but I am not swept up by Star Wars mania either. The ‘try’ thing is really brought out by people who try to give up smoking. If they are trying, you know it will never happen so just giving up is the only way. Maybe that Yoda knows a thing or two.

  4. My younger daughter says she’ll try and I know she won’t! Good quote FG! I don’t get Star wars either. I believe I watched the very first ones (decades ago) but wasn’t terribly impressed. The more recent ones I have never seen and don’t want to either. My elder daughter enjoys them but she lives many miles away and I don’t need to watch films with her any more! I find keeping awake while watching films a real challenge, even when I want to see the film! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Well the fever is rising here with all of us devoted Star Wars fans from the first hour!!! Heated debaters about the best and worst and a constant quotes and of course both my sons are addressed as “young padawans” They are send to the naughty corner when they call me Yoda. Come Christmas afternoon The Walkers have booked seats for the latets in the Star Wars Saga and feel their Force Awaken Yet again! xo Johanna
    Ps I did do a lot of knitting though through all the Lords of Rings (and napping)

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