Works for Us!

The world of commerce, here at our end of the  planet anyway, would have you believe it begins the moment they take down the Halloween promo, but here on the Homestead The Season to be Jolly begins on the first of December and not a moment earlier. There is to be no carol singing, list making, decoration devising, indeed nothing to hint at the tide of yule until that magic date. After that…


well then  it’s full-on, pull out the stops, crank up the Readers Digest Christmas Carols Collection (4 CDs; something for everyone), don the appropriate headgear and deck the halls for the season of cheer!


While The Renovator reports back on the state of the outdoor lights (“patchy”), Farm Girl dances her interpretation of the Sugarplum Fairy and The Milk Maid undertakes the annual struggle to assemble the fancy filigree, flippin’ fiddly hanging Christmas Tree

Things are starting to wind up for the year. Farm Girl has had her BLENNZ music concert, the school sleepover happens tomorrow, and then it’s only five days until school’s out for summer.

BLENNZ concert.jpg

Farm Girl in concert!

The Renovator has to wait another three days for his holidays to begin, but they will be all that much sweeter as he learnt earlier this week his contract has been renewed for next year. His six week “holiday” will be one big blur of tasks we’ve set aside for him now his work on the kitchen is done.

Speaking of which,  while we’re still waiting for water and the dishwasher to be connected, have a temporary bench top (as the wait for our new glass fibre reinforced concrete one stretches into the new year), we’re yet to make the decision on window coverings and we’re holding off hanging the remaining two wall mounted cupboards until the bench is in, we felt this the opportune moment to unveil this new space to you.

kitchen oct2014.jpg

The kitchen as it was

kitchendec2015Fanfare please! While still a work in progress, we’re very happy with our efforts. Running water and a kitchen sink will render us ecstatic!

Next up is a quick fix up on the end bathroom ceiling, which never really lived up to expectations, and then it’s time to tackle the living room; the final inside task. Oh, the things we’ve learnt in the process.

As the lovely Paul West of River Cottage Australia (we’re very much enjoying some re-runs at the moment) says, every day’s a school day – we’re always learning. Which allows us to bring this post very clumsily but honestly back to the subject of The Silly Season because, over the years, we’ve learnt lots about that too.


We’ve learnt the razzamatazz of Christmas is lovely, nothing beats the shared memories of this annual bookmark in your year, and the look on a child’s (or The Farmer’s) face on spying the gifts under the tree Christmas morning could warm the coldest heart. We’ve also learnt  big spending doesn’t actually make for a better Christmas despite the advertisers of the world telling us someone only knows you love them when you open your wallet.

Mostly, we’ve learnt that here at Union Homestead we use the festive season to be silly, have fun, connect, kick back, reach out, and recharge.


It works for us.

13 thoughts on “Works for Us!

  1. Love all the crazy hats. I think we have the one with antlers somewhere. It feels so funny from my Northern hemisphere perspective to read the words “summer holidays and “Christmas” in the same context. Not that we’ll have a white Christmas here – far from it probably – more likely mud, mist and chilly damp – but it’s what we’re used to. Woohooo! that kitchen looks splendiferous! But I don’t see the sink…under the temporary counter/bench top? Which sounds fascinating – you’ll have to show us another picture when it’s in place. While the stores here do start promoting Christmas right after Hallowe’en, there is a strong Canadian sentiment that one does not start preparations for the season until after Remembrance Day (Nov 11). That said, the huge push from retailers for us to embrace the regrettable Black Friday tradition from the US seems to be gaining traction, but there are still outposts of us who wait for December 1st to launch. We will be doing a blitz of decorating this weekend (probably those flipping outdoor lights – which I never did replace) and getting ourselves thoroughly into the mood for the season the next weekend, when university has wrapped up for the eldest. And how long was it before the goat ate the hat?

    • Eek, the whole Black Friday thing is creeping in here as well.
      Thanks for your enthusiasm re the kitchen. The sink is hiding in a cupboard at the moment, along with the tap (or do you call them faucets?) – hopefully all will be revealed soon.
      I look forward to hearing about the Christmas light installation this year.
      And lovely Leia is a goat in a million. As long as you let her sniff the camera before taking her photo, she’s quite happy to pose. Believe me, she worked that hat! 🙂 (shame about the molasses smudges on the face, but hey a girl’s got to eat).

  2. I thought indeed I heard trumpets and drums…looked at your blog: that wonderful Kitchen!!!
    And congrats to the Renovator, I am sure that renewal is well deserved.
    Summer holidays??? I just had a little snow this morning, my sons in Canada scoff that pitiful dusting though. I am enjoying the season here so much too…but no one looks more adorable as a Sugar Plum fairy that you Sharon!!! xo Johanna

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