Sage Words Sunday – What a Wind Up

The Farmer loves winding us up; it’s something he excels at.  This week it was his turn for Sage Words, deferred from last week when he was off playing trains, and as usual he played us like Stephane Grappelli at his very best.

“Don’t forget you’re on morning tea this weekend.” We gently reminded.

“What morning tea?” was his deadpan reply.

“Got your quote sorted?” We tentatively inquired midweek.

“Quote for what?”

“Have you decided what you’re going to make on Sunday?”


Which lead to a fair amount of consternation  for the more nurturing of the Homesteaders; all totally misplaced as it turned out.


Decadent handmade Chocolate Truffles accompanied his quote which we all, to a man, greeted with a chorus of, “Nawwww.”

Yep, he got us again.

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