Some weeks just flow; one task ending with just enough time for a cuppa and chat before the next on the list demands attention. Oh, those weeks are wonderful. This past week, alas, was not one of them; instead, this week danced to its own tune.

It all started well enough, with all hands on deck for a wet Saturday Work Day. While The Farmer, Farm Girl, and Princess Nikita did some of that site-specific, deep cleaning there never seems enough time to do on Housework Day, The Goat Herd tackled another layer of stuff-that-might-be-useful-someday in the garage and The Bean Counter split another week’s worth of firewood. Inside, The Renovator stripped the lathe and plaster kitchen wall (hello tinder dry kindling!) in preparation for Will the electrician’s visit and The Milk Maid hauled out her trusty sewing machine and finally tackled the valances she has been promising for a very long time.


Oh, it was a with a virtuous glow that the Homesteaders retired on Saturday evening.

Sunday dawned and it was very obvious one of our number was not firing on all cylinders. The Renovator retired to his bed and did not re-emerge until, spaghetti legged and ashen faced, he concurred a bite to eat may not go amiss on Tuesday lunchtime. Thankfully, he is now back in the land of the living but it is amazing how much one misses in just a few short days. It seems every dinner table conversation of late has been peppered with Renovator requests for clarification of plans or declarations that we “never tell him anything.” We’re pretty sure he’s all caught up now.

Having someone ill on the Homestead does cramp the weekly routine somewhat; one room misses out being subjected to All-In Housework Day, debates must be conducted in a demure manner with one ear on the decibel level, and you’re one man down for all those chores.  One of The Renovator’s weekly tasks, harking back to his former employment as a barrista extraordinaire, is the serving of dessert and beverages for regular Monday evening dinner with The Elders. It’s just never quite the same when someone else steps into the breach, but The Bean Counter gave it his best and our guests, including Auntie Trish from Aussie, seemed to notice nothing untoward.

Tuesday is always a full-on day with both of Farm Girl’s beloved extra-curricular activities, music and swimming, keeping us moving. This week the action was stepped up a little more by The Bean Counter requiring a taxi-service to the optometrists in the middle of it all but his new glasses were more than worth a little extra stress. Like Johnny Nash, he can see clearly now, and we no longer eat our ice cream from bowls decorated with last night’s pasta sauce. We call that win-win.


It’s always a little strange when there’s a tradesman onsite but Will and his off sider were unobtrusive and efficient beyond belief and it should have been a breeze for the at homer, The Milk Maid, to potter along with the perpetual garden clock. However, it was a day of drop in visitors, marathon phone calls, and the rearing of demon’s heads. Sometimes life can get scary and the list gets forgotten. 


But, on reflection the week ended up being rather productive. Sapphire, The Farmer’s first ever hand-raised sheep who lives a blessed life on the farm and still follows him around like a dog, gave birth to a very healthy daughter on Thursday. The very proud Farmer has named the off spring Emerald.


Farm Girl spent a wonderful day at the BLENNZ (Blind and Low Vision Education Network, NZ) fun day where games were played, skills inadvertently learnt and practised, and friendships forged and rekindled.

Visitors were hosted over coffee in the sun, chances were taken, hats thrown into rings, and issues faced head on. It’s been a week of clearing the decks and facing the demons; you need them every once in a while.

Next week we’ll haul the list out again.

16 thoughts on “Listless

  1. Listless??? My goodness, it sounds to me like a week full of numerous activities and for sure at least twice as much as here in the slower than slow Walker residence;0) The Beancounter looks very cool and I am happy to hear the Renovator is back in the saddle again! And ahw…Emerald! What a beauty! Congratulations, Johanna

    • It was a little annoying that nothing was ticked off the list, but in hindsight we did get a lot done. We know we are biased, but we think little Emerald is one in a million, or make that one in the 30 million we’re meant to have in this country 🙂 Love to you from us x

  2. What a week you’ve all had! Tradesmen and visitors as well as all the other chores that have to be done – I would have been at the end of my tether and trying to find a cupboard to hide in. You all seem to have got through it extremely well – congratulations!

  3. If this is what you do when you go off the list, then look out when the Homestead crew are ON the list! Well done all. I feel a little breathless just reading itl. Congrats to Farmer and the Farm offspring – love the naming technique. Poor old Renovator. Glad he’s on the mend. Should we break it to him that he is doomed to several more bouts with the different cold/flu viruses that incubate in elementary classrooms, or leave him to ignorant optimism? One of our number (she who was also a barista in a former life) has spend much of her summer housesitting for various friends, and has similarly found herself feeling out of the loop with what’s going on, so we can relate. Did BC get progressives or just regular glasses? Hubby got progressives a couple of years ago and they drive him crazy. He ends up taking them off half the time.

    • I know it sounds churlish, but it peeves me when nothing on the list gets finished despite all those off-list things that demanded attention.
      The Farmer is now set on having both his “gems” follow him around. What a softie!
      I guess it’s best to leave The Renovator to discover just how wonderfully bugs mutate in the school environment.
      BC ended up with progressives as well – this was his second pair. He found they took a lot of getting used to but his problem with glasses is his incredibly long eyelashes as they scratch the lenses…true story and rather expensive 🙂

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