Who Knew We Were Dog People!

Friday 13th – unlucky for some??

Not here on the Homestead; here it marked the first birthday of the Homestead Hound.

It seems like Colin has both been here forever and only just arrived, but one thing is for sure: his arrival has changed the Homestead forever (and that’s not just because every piece of furniture now bears his teethmarks). As The Bean Counter is often heard to comment (usually from underneath 36 kilo of Labrador who can’t understand that his lap sitting days may be over), “Who knew we were dog people!”

Did he get presents? Need you ask!

From us Homesteaders: a new collar – one befitting his new found maturity (ahem). Doesn’t he look smart?

And from his best friend, Kora (she of many river walks and general shenanigans) and her human, The Princess Nikita, a big bag of the kind of treats designed to keep still growing, not always sensible, don’t quite appreciate their own strength puppies contented with their own company for a while. The Princess, it has to be said, is something of a Dog Whisperer and the Homestead’s canine sage.

While he may still regress at times – bring the washing in off the line without being asked, bounce all over unsuspecting young children who ask if they can pat the beautifully sitting puppy as we wait for Farm Girl to emerge from her institution of learning, pick the flowers and fruit from the garden to place them lovingly at the back door, shred every piece of bedding, chew the table legs, bark at the sheep (who still haven’t become mothers) – he is getting better and brighter everyday.

Proof of his maturity!

See! The first daffodil remains insitu (incidentally arriving 11 days later than last year’s); I’m trying not to pay it too much attention.

15 thoughts on “Who Knew We Were Dog People!

  1. It is incredible how much growing happens in a year! And as you say, he’s probably got a wee bit more to go. I’d say he had a pretty good birthday. I had not realized I was a dog person till we had ours, it was a surprise, and the attribute has lasted despite our dog being long gone. And daffs! Wow – spring is on the way. We’re still mired in smoke from the massive fires in the Interior, but we seem to have emerged from the second heat dome so hopefully we’ll start getting some cooler temps and maybe even a drop of rain.

    • This whole “dog person” thing is a little strange and I find myself feeling something close to embarrassment. I am now one of those people I used to roll my eyes at. I talk to Colin as we walk to pick FG up, all the while telling myself to stop it๐Ÿ˜
      Thinking of you guys and the fires. Hopefully you get rain soon.

      • So grateful I live over here on the Island – but we’ve had a couple of small ones too, so nowhere is safe. Rain without wind is desperately needed. Friends with a 200 head dairy farm are very close to the biggest fire in the province. They’re on evacuation notice. All those cows cannot be moved….I can’t even.

  2. I am very happy to be an ex dog owner but I can understand how you can feel towards Colin.

    When I got my artificial knee, the sight of boisterous dogs bouncing towards me filled me with a dread and apprehension which I have not entirely managed to shake off since.

    • Totally understandable. I would like to think I am the boss when it comes to his behaviour in public; the grey area is when people want to interact with him. It takes all his self control to sit nicely๐Ÿ˜

    • Thank you on Colin’s behalf. He is certainly on a health drive at the moment; he and The Farmer are undertaking massive daily walks through our “neighbourhood”. Lock down isnt all bad ๐Ÿ˜Š

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