Sage Words – It’s No Secret

Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world


A Kiwi-eye view of the world

you deserve the truth.


Truth hides in all kinds of unlikely places


but it will always out in the end.


Underneath the dairy facade, hidden evidence of a gentler time.


12 thoughts on “Sage Words – It’s No Secret

      • I’m hoping the sailing term is not referring to flooding in your parts, because I see that there has been flooding south of Christchurch…and up here we (BC in general, not Vancouver Island) are dealing with massive forest fires – everything is so topsy turvy. I had to look up Dexter Morgan – I don’t watch enough TV.

      • It wás pretty damp but we managed to keep our heads above water and are now wading through mud like you wouldn’t believe. Things in general are indeed topsy turvy…global warming???
        I confess I also had to Google Dexter….whether they were put in his mouth or Michael Hall actually uttered them I know not, but they are pretty awesome.

  1. Hi, Is the cake one of Farm Girl’s creations? Only 57 sleeps – that’s less than two months until you start seeing the world from a different perspective.
    I am glad you weren’t caught up in the floods and having to issue the goats with water wings and the chooks with floaties.

    • No, Farm Girl would have been way more exact in her cake creation – it was actually my effort which goes a long way to explaining the sleepless nights and many tears that prefaced children’s birthday parties.
      Excitement…and a little terror…is building re the trip.

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