Sage Words -Sweet Smelling

Today’s Sage, The Renovator, brought in reinforcements in the form of Doctor Here to provide this week’s refreshments. Two courses! What decadence.

The chosen words provide a more realistic, achievable sentiment than that of last week; Laura lived in the real world afterall whereas Mozart breathed the rarified air as a child prodigy. 


The stuffed bread and Mille Feuille fuelled lively conversation in the most delicious way.

It seems we’ve all had our aroma remarked upon recently but, when each situation was related and analysed, the one constant was the finger-pointer excelled only in exercising their jaw muscles. 

We prefer sumptuous morning teas when it comes to jaw workouts.

7 thoughts on “Sage Words -Sweet Smelling

  1. Haha…true words. Did you know Laura Ingalls Wilder just had her 150th birthday? Also that her daughter Rose, a celebrated writer in her own right, did a fair amount of editing/massaging of her mother’s work to make it into a suitable format for a young readership? New things I learned recently. And who/what is Doctor Here? Google is not being helpful. Mille Fueille – mmmm – haven’t had one in years. That stuffed bread looks fine, but couldn’t have been better than last week’s croissants.

    • When Farm Girl discovered the Little House books I did a bit of delving myself. It seems Rose Wilder Lane had a lot to do with the readability of the books. I also did a bit of reading into Louisa May Alcott and found the stories (espeically my favourite, Little Men) not as autobiographical as I had thought.
      Doctor Here is the Homestead’s answer to Doctor Who…or possibly the’re just a friend of the Homestead who works in medicine; either way they make a fine stuffed bread. As to whether it beats Farm Girl’s croissants…I couldn’t possibly comment 🙂

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