Sage Words Sunday – The Best Medicine

Nana is currently the subject of a very civil custody agreement which has her spending half a week with the Dees and half a week as an honourary Homesteader.

It would be incorrect to suggest this is, for one moment, the ideal arrangement or one that could stretch far into the future but for now, as we work out options and possibilities, both households are taking it moment by moment, one day at a time, and generally our days are not squandered by misery.


Nana’s presence on the Homestead has taught us some interesting things about being joyful. Things like you don’t need to understand the punch-line to share the belly laugh and there is always a funny-side even if you’re seeing it through teary eyes. 

“What emotion are you feeling right now?” a Homesteader asked her the other day in an effort to lessen the shaking and hyperventilating of another anxiety attack. Nana screwed up her eyes as she tried to work it out. 

“I don’t know,” she finally got out.

“Then let’s just decide you’re happy,” Farm Girl suggested with a smile that could only be described as angelic. There followed a moment of such silence that the proverbial dropping pin would have sounded like a gong.


“Okay,” Nana slowly nodded, “okay, I’m happy,” and she threw up her arms. “Yippee!” she shouted, before dissolving into the most infectious giggles.

And just like that another day is turned around.


13 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – The Best Medicine

  1. Well done, Farm Girl. Well done, Homesteaders! I am sure right now, you are on a steep learning curve as you learn more about your selves, values and priorities. I hope that eventually Nana finds peace as her anxiety lessens.

    • It’s definitely teaching us what is essential and what can be put off, what jobs to put off for Nana Days and what is best done when she is not here, and what jobs she can do – the folding is perfect. She is still the best sheet folder in the house 🙂

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