Routine Bound

Today is the official last day of the glorious school holidays and there’s no hiding from it: the R word is lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce. We’re talking ‘Routine’.

Of course, we’ve never really got away from a routine; you can’t when you have a very vocal menagerie and neighbours you don’t wish to alienate. Somehow, though, the animal feeding/paddock cleaning/garden watering groove doesn’t ratchet up the tension the way school drop off and pick up does.  

Maybe it’s the rigidity of it all.  There’s that half hour window in the morning; drop off at 8.29 and you’re early, arrive with bike tyres smoking and chest heaving at 9.01 and you’re late. This is quite a trying situation for the three Homestead ladies (they refer to themselves as The A Team) charged with this task. Of their great many talents, timeliness is not one of them and it only takes an uncooperative goat, a wayward chicken or (blush) a couple of interesting YouTube clips and before you know it you’re faced with the kind of cycling dash that would make Vincenzo Nibali blanch. 

Speaking of which, The Renovator’s not-so-trusty, oh-so-rusty steed required upgrading this week in order to convey him schoolwards in the required reliable, punctual and salubrious manner. After a week of pedalling to and from a variety of pre-kick off meetings, he’s got the five kilometre trundle over a course including the infamous (in these parts) quake damaged Bridge Street bridge down to a comfortable fifteenish minutes.  While not the fastest machine on the road, it was felt his final choice was a happy marriage of durability, serviceability and downright funky chic.

2015-01-30 17.01.24

Although The Bean Counter’s back problems may have put paid to his cycling commute for now, his hitching a ride to and from work  with The Farmer at the wheel of the smaller Homestead Mobile has led to a great many interesting and hilarious anecdotes round the dinner table.  In a city where detours are a way of life and the going is often tough, these two have developed a motoring relationship seldom seen off the rally circuit and calls to mind this bit of kiwiana history if all stories are to believed.

Farm Girl was also considering flirting with danger and skateboarding to The Kingdom of Nova on Monday, however an incident last week backed up claims by fuddy-duddy Homesteaders that her skills perhaps needed a little fine tuning before such an undertaking.  Somehow her skateboard met with a pot-hole in the Homestead driveway, a happening no one witnessed but which resulted in her barely making it up the back steps before falling into a swoon befitting a Hollywood actress. Without seeming dramatic, this was rather frightening for all.  It turns out the fall knocked the wind out of her but she had thankfully suffered no lasting damage and was back on the skateboard that afternoon.  All plans of a skateboarding commute have, however, been put on hold as the footpath between here and the school are currently more pothole than tarmac.  Instead, she will once again travel atop the Homestead heirloom, a bicycle that has clocked up a great many miles powered initially by The Goat Herd, and then (in a new colour) The Farmer. It was built tough!


Which is what we will be when Monday rolls around: tough on ourselves. We’ll watch the clock, observe sensible bedtimes, create wonderful lunch-box comestibles, and bow to our routine with grace – at least for the first couple of days. 


13 thoughts on “Routine Bound

  1. Hey the thingy at the bottom of the posts has changed, she notes astutely – it’s the beach! Wasn’t it a wall or something before? Cool.

    Very wise about biking instead of boarding to school – it’s always a bit tricky deciding what to do with the board while in class – you can’t really leave it out by the bike rack or it would get nicked. And sometimes teachers don’t like them in classrooms. Much better to stick with the bike for now.

    First week of the new school year goes well for Farm Girl; all the secret hopes and expectations she must have, I hope some of them come to pass. Best of luck to Renovator with the launch of his new career, and his first time with his own class of tender little souls to be shaped and moulded and nurtured and cajoled. There will be stories to tell at dinner I’m sure.

    The link to the Kiwiana history didn’t go anywhere 😦 At least Farmer is driving – neither of our driving age teens have their licence yet, and the eldest really only needs a little more parking practice and she could do the test with flying colours. The younger, well, it’s a good thing my hair is already grey….I had visions of these two taking themselves places by now instead of me dropping what I’m doing to go and fetch them from wherever (terrible bus service to our area).

    Getting the wind knocked out of you HURTS – I know. I’ve had it happen many times falling off horses (far too many times). It’s over quickly, but boy while you’re in that unable to breathe moment…

    I’m impressed with the way that trusty steed was reincarnated to suit it’s different owners. Brilliant.

    Keep chanting that last few lines – maybe the mantra will work and it will all come to pass.

    • Glad you liked the change of bottom plaque thingy; we thought it would be cool to use that space to reflect our seasons. Let’s see if we remember to…:)
      I was very glad the skateboarding idea was scuppered – a sight impaired person riding their bike is one thing, but dodging the rubble that passes for our footpaths on those tiny skateboard wheels…it could only end in tears.
      Drivers licences are funny things…the boys were very keen but The Goat Herd still only has her restricted (allows her to drive with several restrictions) and has no plans to go any further with it.
      I love that the bike keeps on keeping on and got quite misty eyed when seeking out the photos.
      Yep – I suspect you know as well as we do that we could chant that mantra incessantly and it will still come to naught. Still, it’s nice to dream 🙂
      Have a great weekend.

  2. Good luck with the routine. I used to have one where I could get out of bed, shower, shave, eat breakfast and get to work in 20 minutes. Now it takes me twenty minutes to realise that I am awake.

  3. It’s moments like this I am so glad we won’t be rushing to get ready in the morning despite starting school this year. It’s a major bonus of homeschooling!. Best of luck with the school run.

    • Yes, we’ve done the Homeschool thing too and didn’t miss the morning hoo-hah. I’m sure it will all be fine – the biggest challenge is getting to Geraldine before Ruby gets all her milk while keeping an eye on the time so that Farm Girl isn’t late. Life is a bit of a balancing act sometimes 🙂 Good luck for your homeschooling.

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