Good Vibrations/Fickle Weather

We’re feeling a bit cheated today.  

We’ve got a heap of outside chores to do, things that we were looking forward to conquering, and we’ve been thwarted by the one thing you can’t reason with: the weather.

This morning, after animal tending and coffee break, things were looking so positive.  We dragged the weeding buckets and tools around to the front and ripped into it: weeding, forking, restaking the broad beans for the ηth time (blimmin’ easterly), disentangling the seedlings.  Sure, a couple of breathers were taken, coinciding with friendly bus-stoppers (including our new friend, Barbara, from yesterday. We know we told you she was called Anne but it turns out that’s her middle name. How this misunderstanding occurred is still unclear, but on the upside we now have something in common with the Beach Boys) but hey! we had the time to dally.  We had a whole day dedicated to this.

While walking up the drive for lunch we noticed conditions seemed to be cooling off a little. Then we took a good look at the sky.

2014-11-12 13.36.24

Days like this are more than a little frustrating.  In the last two hours we’ve flip-flopped between blazing sunshine, hammering hailstones, wind gusts that have sent the feed bowls clattering across the paddock and rain of monsoon proportions. If it would just make up its mind and be miserable we’d light the wood burner, get out the latest wet day project (the new goat trampoline cover – Geraldine ate most of the last one) and give ourselves over to it. Instead we’re spending most of our time sighing at the window, telling each other we should just put our coats on and take our chances in the garden.  

But enough is enough, a decision must be made and The Goat Herd has taken things into her own hands. A match has been put to the fire, the thank-you-for-the-plant box of chocolates passed over the fence this morning is on the coffee table and coffee beans are being ground as I type. 

Yep, we two New Brighton girls are going with the good vibrations; the gardening can wait until tomorrow! Right now, we’re heading to California (at least in our minds), and  it’s all thanks to our new friend, Barbara Anne.  

2014-01-17 16.41.57

7 thoughts on “Good Vibrations/Fickle Weather

  1. Where I live, the weather stays confused. Weekend before last, it was snowing at 6 am, sunny by lunch. It’s been in the 70’s all week, now they’re taking about 50’s by the weekend. If we ever got consistent weather, I think I might die of shock!

  2. Drat, I’m going to be humming that tune all day…which is shaping up to be sunny and bright, albeit a tad chilly (3 C). I’ve just had a week of such weather as you’ve described, and unfortunately no wood burner to compensate. I can and do resort to putting the kettle on, though, and all too frequently get my nose stuck in a book, only to look up hours later and realize I’ve just got time to get dinner going. And there’s Murphy’s Law to contend with as well with weather like this – if you go to all the trouble of pulling out the trampoline cover, the stuff you need to work on it, get the coffee going to have while you’re working, etc – then of course, that black cloud decides not to dump over you after all. I’ve pulled in more laundry for clouds that faked me out…

    • As it turned out, we were totally justified in calling it quits for the day, but I know what you mean. There’s nothing worse than lighting the wood burner only to have the clouds roll back and the sun pour in the windows turning the place into a sauna.
      I reckon the moment you open a book you enter some weird time vortex and it doesn’t matter how carefully you clock watch, when you do close the book there’s only ever just enough time to slam something together for a hasty evening meal.

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